Optimize E-commerce with PowrX Analytics

E-commerce with PowrX Analytics

Optimize E-commerce with PowrX Analytics

Efficient Inventory & Supply Management using Data Analysis for Amazon Sellers.

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Comprehensive Performance Analytics

Comprehensive Performance Analytics

  • Empower Amazon sellers with a comprehensive analytics suite

  • Leverage the Amazon Selling Partner API for data access

  • Provide a wealth of available reports for deep performance insights

  • Enable well-informed decision-making

  • Optimize seller strategies for remarkable growth on the Amazon Platform

  • Cover market trends and customer behavior analysis

  • Equip sellers with the necessary tools to thrive on Amazon

Streamlined Order Fulfilment

Streamlined Order Fulfilment

  • Seamless integration with Amazon SP API

  • World-class Fulfilment application for sellers

  • Revolutionizes FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) order management

  • Automates processes and synchronizes with warehouses

  • Streamlined and error-free order fulfilment experience

  • Enhances overall seller experience

  • Increases seller satisfaction and loyalty

Inventory Optimization

Inventory Optimization

  • Inventory management capabilities through Amazon Selling Partner API

  • Optimization of stock levels for sellers

  • Analysis of demand trends, historical sales data, and competitive insights

  • Data-driven decision-making for inventory management

  • Reduction of overstocking and understocking issues

  • Improvement in profitability for sellers

Price Competitiveness

Price Competitiveness

  • Utilizes real-time pricing data from Amazon SP API

  • Enables sellers to stay competitive in the marketplace

  • Automatic price adjustments based on competitor pricing

  • Responds to demand fluctuations

  • Aligns with sales objectives

  • Dynamic pricing strategy for increased sales and market share

By harnessing the power of Amazon APIs, we offer sellers a comprehensive toolkit to excel on the Amazon Platform. From analytics-driven decision-making to efficient fulfilment and beyond, our platform is designed to elevate your Amazon selling experience to new heights

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